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Greetings from EXCELSIOR

RELEASE Jan.14 -2018

Greetings from EXCELSIOR

It is with little relief but with determination for 2019 that EXCELSIOR announces its inactive status for the 2018 Season.

2017 proved to be a tough year for not only the Drum Corps but for my family as well, culminating in December with my Son leaving for The Marines.

With that.. Our newly formed Military Family is proving to be incredibly stressful already.

Those of you with Military people I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about and our availability is crucial during this first year particularly for the line of service he is committed to.

With just that going on alone… both my attendance & financial availability to the drum corps would become limited throughout the 2018 season .

Needless to say, this would not be good for either family

That being said !

The Corps & other activities under Ascension VPAA will still be hosting many activities & events. Winter Guard, Parade Guard, Field show Exhibition, Dinner theater with EXCELSIOR Productions among other fundraising activities to ensure planned new uniform purchases in 2019.

So for 2018 my DRUM CORPS friends we will be stepping back.

Looking forward to seeing all your shows! Best of luck DCA @ WILLIAMSPORT
Love to all ….. “Ever Upward”

Donel Mataruga – Director