Brand Guide

Who We Are

Drum Corps Associates was founded in 1967 as an all-age, formerly “senior” or over 22, drum & bugle corps circuit. Today DCA is the premier all-age circuit, drawing members from around the globe. Drum Corps Associates, provides a unique experience that rewards crowd engagement, builds lasting friendships, and makes drum corps a life-long performance experience! DCA has a weekend-only competition schedule, with member corps based in the US Midwest, Southeast, & East Coast generally. With this model, Drum Corps Associates has been able to provide the most affordable, accessible and exciting drum corps experience for 50 years!

Our Logo

DCA Logo with Background

Color Scheme

DCA Blue

Below are the specific color values for DCA Blue. Reference these when creating graphics for print, digital and more.

HEX CODE: #0164a7

CMYK: 99, 40, 0, 35

RGB DECIMAL: 1, 100, 167

WEB SAFE: #006699

Additionally, Drum Corps Associates uses secondary colors for logos which include general white and black.


WHITE CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

BLACK HEX: #000000

BLACK CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100

Graphic Template

A PSD template is included to allow individual corps to create their own DCA style graphics and headers.

Base Image Resolution: 1400px or higher

PSD Template below in .zip format

Social Media

While we still keep things welcoming and professional, social media is a place where we can demonstrate personality, have fun, and relate to fans and supporters. Our social voice is written in a human tone. Our posts are typically full of hopefulness, celebration, and promote the competitive spirit. More than anything, we try to create meaningful connections both to our current, past, and future fans, members, and supporters while promoting Drum Corps Associates as best as possible.


Drum Corps Associates primary hashtag on all social media platforms is #dcacorps . This aligns with our current social media handles which creates synergy amongst platforms.

DCA also seeks to promote the drum corps experience, and what makes our circuit different. For experience posts we recommend utilizing, and building up the hashtag #wearedca . At this time there are no event based hashtags as the emphasis is on creating a large component of DCA hashtag account that can be viewed by future, past, and current members.