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Drum Corps Associates is the premier all-age drum corps circuit with opportunities for corps from around the world to participate! With a variety of classes, flexible schedules and budgets to participate you can bask in the glow of being on the field at a DCA event, or as a member corps! All DCA regular season competitions are on the weekend, and with there being no age limit DCA is a life-long experience of friends, fun, and music!

World, Open, and Class A – Competitive Field Classes


Drum Corps Associates competitive on-field classes are World, Open and Class A who compete at weekend competitions across the Midwest, South, and East Coast of the United States. World Class is corps with 86-128 members, Open Class is corps with 65 to 85 members and larger, while Class A is 26 to 64 members. Each corps features a distinctly unique identity and legacy that’s born out of the nature of DCA. Because DCA corps typically operate on weekends, most of the membership is regional and local drawing from the surrounding area within a few hours drives or less.

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Similar to other circuits, DCA corps perform a field competitive show ranging from 8.5 to 11 minutes judging for music, guard, and visual effect with a higher weight attributed to general effect. That means DCA puts entertainment of the crowd at a high level which many corps achieve through crowd engagements, challenging innovative shows, or fun classic performances of well known music.

Membership into these classes requires corps to complete a detailed on-site evaluation, be approved by the DCA board, and pledge to attend at least Drum Corps Associates World Championships. This permits corps that are from around the globe to compete locally, and then travel to the US for DCA weekend to compete as full members of DCA!

Alumni CorpsExhibition Class

Cabs Alumni
Cabs Alumni

Alumni corps are made up of non-competitive corps, steeped in a rich drum corps legacy often dating back 50+ years. These corps play for the love of the activity and to entertain eager crowds with stirring arrangements, powerful percussive rifts, and fun, friendly performances. Membership for alumni corps is available to previously existing drum corps who would like to perform but without the competitive commitment.

Mini-Corps – Competitive Stage Class

For nearly 20 years DCA Mini-Corps has enabled corps to compete at “their size” on stage, or field at DCA events. These corps are made up of a minimum of 5, and maximum of 25 members featuring 6-7 minute shows, and typically perform at DCA events throughout the season culminating in their main competition during the weekend of Drum Corps Associates World Championships. Mini-Corps is all about power, fun, and entertainment and is highly competitive featuring performers often with decades of experience. Ready for a challenge? Bring your corps to DCA Mini-Corps!

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