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DCA receives warm welcome in 2022 Rochester return 

Drum Corps Associates kicked off its long-awaited championship weekend in Rochester, New York with an introductory press conference, held at the Holiday Inn-Downtown Rochester’s Grand Ballroom. 

Rochester mayor Malik Evans, Monroe County deputy county executive Corinda Crossdale, Visit Rochester president and CEO Don Jeffries, and DCA president John Carr had the opportunity to share words of appreciation and excitement for the weekend’s events. 

For Drum Corps Associates and the city of Rochester, the 2022 DCA Championships — with events scheduled for September 2-4 — mark a joyful reunion. 

DCA’s championship event was last held in Rochester in 2017, and marks the resounding conclusion to the organization’s first summer of live events in three years. 

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“We are honored that you have chosen Rochester again, as a place to be able to come and showcase some great talent,” Evans said. “Rochester sorely missed this spectacular, spectacular event, which brings in visitors from all over the world.”

Carr spoke warmly in regards to DCA’s relationship with the city of Rochester, referring to the “Flower City” as a “home” for Drum Corps Associates. The organization’s 2022 championship event marks its 20th in Rochester over the course of its nearly-60-year history. 

“This is really home for us,” Carr said. “We have not had live, in-person championships for three years. So, it’s pretty special that we’ve come back together again for the championships here in Rochester, New York.”

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Labor Day weekend in Rochester will include three days of events, featuring a variety of performances across Individual & Ensemble and Mini Corps platforms, as well as the DCA Championship Prelims and Finals. 

Said performances will not only bring crowds of performers, fans and families to the Rochester Community Sports Complex and Rochester Convention Center, but also to various city parks where corps will be able to rehearse. 

DCA’s wide-scoping event provides an opportunity for a variety of people of all ages to experience the city of Rochester’s many unique sites and attractions. According to Evans, the DCA Championship is a major economic boon for the city and its many local businesses and hotels. 

“It fills our hotel rooms, our restaurants and our shops for the city,” Evans said. “While this event only lasts a few days, I can tell you that the economic impact has a long-standing and lasting impact that lasts much longer.

As such, as Evans also mentioned, bringing the DCA Championships back to Rochester was the right decision for all involved.

“I understand, in 55 years, (DCA) has been in Rochester 20 times,” he said. “I think that that is a great testament to you being able to make good decisions.”

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