DCA preparing transitional ceremony at poignant 2023 World Championship finale

As part of its 2023 World Championships, set for September 1-4 in Rochester, New York, Drum Corps Associates’ point of emphasis is simple — honoring rich history, and celebrating a bright future.

Beginning in 2024, the all-age drum corps platform popularized by Drum Corps Associates will exist within the heading of Drum Corps International, referred to as “DCI All-Age.”

As such, 2023’s championship event serves as a point of transition, and in the final moments of the DCA World Championships, plans are in place to pay homage to a history of memories and traditions, but to look forward as well to what the future holds for the all-age drum corps activity.

The ceremony will feature an homage to the history of all-age drum corps, offered by longtime DCA announcer and alumni Stephen Anderman. Anderman will share the illustrious story of the growth and development of all-age drum corps, and offer information on what lies ahead of the all-age activity.

A highlight for any drum corps fan, all 12 of Drum Corps Associates’ participating corps will take part in the playing of “God Bless America,” a nod to the American Legion and VFW roots of drum corps and the all-age and senior corps activity specifically.

“We look forward to honoring decades of Drum Corps Associates and all-age drum corps history at our World Championships,” DCA president John Carr said. “The future is bright for all-age drum corps, and we’re excited not only to celebrate where we’ve come from, but where our activity is headed.”

To help commemorate the transition, an array of past and present drum corps leaders, including Drum Corps International CEO Dan Acheson and past DCA presidents Gil Silva and Allen Buell will be in attendance.

Drum Corps Associates invites drum corps fans to join in celebrating what has been and what’s to come. Tickets to the 2023 DCA World

Championships can be purchased at dcacorps.org/tickets