DCA Annual Meeting / Rules Congress

DCA officially put the 2018 season to bed and looks forward to 2019 as they hosted their annual DCA winter meeting in Baltimore, Maryland on December 1st.   All corps were in attendance along with their select staff to take part in the biannual rules congress event. Two familiar names, Minnesota Brass and Excelsior were also in attendance as they plan to return to the competition field this summer.   Not only will these two corps be returning, but we are thrilled to announce that the Spirit of 52 Drum Corps from Rastede Germany will travel to the United States to attending DCA championship weekend.   DCA is looking stronger than ever with 21 corps scheduled to attend the 2019 DCA World Championships in Williamsport, PA over Labor Day Weekend!

All in attendance were briefed on the new sexual harassment training and background check requirements for all staff, judges & member corps.   These requirements were enacted to assure that DCA remains a safe environment for all who wish to compete.  Upon the completion of new business, the corps broke out into caucuses to discuss proposals for rules changes.  There were numerous changed proposed and lively discussion for each proposal.   Some new changes which passed include the minimum required performance time will now be 8.5 minutes thus allowing a more polished show for many corps, also passing was the proposal to double the judging panel for championship weekend.  This will provide every corps a better and more thorough read over the weekend.   Entered into the rules is that any non-North American corps who competes in DCA championship weekend and does not make finals will be allowed to perform in exhibition at finals.

Upon completion of the rules congress everyone gathered back into the main meeting room for the conclusion.   DCA President, Allen Buell made a very exciting announcement that the Free Players Drum Corps will be performing at the 2019 Championships.   We are honored and excited for this amazing group to join DCA on our big weekend!   Everyone in the room was thanked for a successful winter meeting and the announcement was made that that next year’s Annual Meeting will be held in Atlanta, GA.