DCA President John Carr is pleased to announce that Drum Corps Associates will be hosting a “WE ARE DCA” virtual show on Saturday, October 3rd from 8 to 10 p.m. The intent of this event is to re-introduce DCA drum corps to the marching arts community. The kickoff event is FREE OF CHARGE and will be live streamed on Face Book as well as other social media platforms. The lineup for DCA’s kickoff event will include the fourteen DCA member corps from last season, two Alumni Corps, AND two Mini Corps! The Alumni Corps will be the Hawthorne Caballero Alumni and the Boston Crusaders Senior Corps. Not to be left out, the Freelancers and Star United are the two mini corps who will participate during the event. Other alumni and mini-corps will also be part of the 2021 kickoff event.

“WE ARE DCA” will have each corps present a video of the corps director or members of choosing to introduce their corps, talking about recruiting, and some history as well as current updates about their corps. Then, a video clip from last season’s DCA Championships will be presented. DCA announcer Nick Avosa will serve as our host for the evening. There will be some video clips from DCA’s I&E competition from last season as well.

Tim Snyder from Box5 Media assisted by Le Ron Carlton, DCA’s technical administrator, will be handling all the technology aspects of the show and coordinating the flow of the show with announcer Nick Avosa. Tim and Nick have worked together for the past few seasons live streaming both DCA’s Championships in Williamsport PA as well as DCA’s regional show co-sponsored with the American Legion in Peckville PA. 

Viewers will also have the opportunity to make a donation to DCA at any time during this two hour event. DCA like so many of the organizations in the marching arts community have experienced serious challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. Details on how you can make a donation to DCA will be shared during the event.. Having the 2020 season cancelled has had a HUGE economic impact on ALL the drum corps as well as all of us in our everyday lives. Tragically, members of the drum corps community have fallen victim to the Covid-19 virus as well as close friends and family members. Hopefully this free virtual live streaming event will take our minds off what is happening in our world today if only for a few hours. So, PLEASE pass this along to all the corps members, family and friends out there who love and miss the drum corps activity. DCA looks forward to bringing our activity back onto the field in 2021.

Bill Flaker

DCA Staff Writer