Corps Updates

Major News:

  • Open Houses for many corps have commenced
  • Reading Buccaneers and White Sabers announce their 2023 program
  • Southern Knights move to Chattanoga, TN
  • Sunrisers prepare for their 2023 return

World Class

Reading Buccaneers Announce 2023 Show: FACEBOOK

Hawthorne Caballeros Announce 2023 Caption Heads: WEBSITE

Bushwackers Host Open House with over 150 In Attendance: FACEBOOK

White Sabers Release 2023 Show Video: FACEBOOK

Open Class

AtlantaCV Announce 2023 Caption Heads: FACEBOOK

Cincinnati Tradition Announce 2023 Caption Heads: FACEBOOK

Connecticut Hurricanes Release 2023 Recruiting Video: FACEBOOK

Rogues Hollow Regiment Host December Open House: FACEBOOK

Class A

Columbus Saints Participate in HBCU Homecoming Parade: INSTAGRAM

Fusion Core Announce December Open House: FACEBOOK

Govenaires Announce January Open House: FACEBOOK

Southern Knights Move To Chattanooga, TN: FACEBOOK

Sunrisers Announce January Open House: FACEBOOK


DCA would like to take a moment to recognize the passing of Benny Pisani after a long illness. Benny was heavily involved in DCA corps in Florida such as the DCA World Champion Corps Heat Wave. FACEBOOK