2022 World Class Show Announcements

The newest class in DCA premiered on June 25th, and the competition is heating up! The 2022 season is off to a great start, as corps take the field, and the race is on for the title. DCA World Class is a full-field competitive division with corps typically between 86 and 128 members.

Follow your favorite corps, and make plans to attend World Championships in Rochester, or purchase a livestream subscription to bring DCA right to your home!

Reading Buccaneers

The 2022 Buccaneers are thrilled to present ALTERED: EGO, in which we both redefine ourselves and stay true to our core identity. The program will open in classic Reading format, literally: big, loud, technically beautiful, and classical. We’ll then shatter that image with the chaotic, fast, loud and perhaps experimental as we alter our ego. We will be stepping out of our comfort zone and we invite you to go along with us.  We’ll pause for some reflection while still driving forward, ultimately choosing to accept our new reality; we respect who we were, but understand who we are now.  We close the production in a triumphant celebration; we’ve assumed our alter ego and we’re proud of it. 

The music book will be varied and exciting, and will feature works by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Danny Elfman, Snarky Puppy, Thomas Doss, Nirvana, and will also feature original music by Buccaneers designers Mark Lortz, Andrew Rubano and Andrew Monteiro.


The 2022 Bushwackers production is entitled: “CANYON”.

Throughout the show, the corps brings out its imagination to embark on a figurative journey through the Canyon. The Bushwackers encompass the natural ebb and flow of nature with plays on characteristics of this natural wonder of the world. Through texture, color, and sound, each “twist” and “turn” offers a unique experience for the imagination.

Featuring their musical selections:
Fanfare for the Common Man

Horse With No Name


Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Lead on the field by Drum Major Megan Whatley, The Bushwackers invite you to join them as they trek through the Canyon.

Hawthorne Caballeros

The 2022 Hawthorne Caballeros will be telling the most timeless of all stories. The Love Story.  

The classic love story knows no boundaries of time or gender or place. 

Our Musical Selections 

Romeo and Juliet Overture-Tchaikovsky 

Bad Romance-Lady Gaga 

Just The Way You Are-Billy Joel 

Paradise by the dashboard Light-Meat Loaf 

The Hawthorne Caballeros, sponsored by American Legion Post #199 in Hawthorne, New Jersey are in their 76th season of competition and are the reigning 2021 DCA World Champions.

White Sabers

The study of metals began in ancient times with royalties and alchemists investigating their properties with hopes of producing gold.

For our 2022 production Heavy Metal, the White Sabers will explore the ancient arts of metallurgy and alchemy with our ambitious pursuit of transforming base metals into gold all while drawing inspiration from one of our favorite heavy metal bands, Metallica.

Our opening production finds us in The Foundry working with hot metal and manipulating it while in its liquid form. Fire, heat, and hammers are exemplified by colors, shape, and movement. We explore the juxtaposition of the color guard, which captures the flow and motion of liquid hot metal, with the corps proper which represents the rigid and straight shape of cold hard steel.

Our lyrical production captures the study of alchemy and its attempt to connect and transform certain metals in the hopes of creating the perfect form. Different metals will be represented on the field by mixing and transforming them into something different. The color guard will demonstrate this through color while the corps proper demonstrates this through their drill formations.

In ancient alchemy, the Quincunx was the ultimate symbol. Five figures within a square, it denotes the atomic structure of all metals in their final formation: Gold. Our percussion feature will explore multiple base metals in color and texture while it transitions to our closing production which celebrates in grandiose fashion the corps final transformation from base metals to Gold.