2022 DCA Class A Show Announcements

DCA Class A is a full field competitive division with corps between 26 to 64 members. The 2022 season is off to a great start, as corps take the field, and the race is on for the title. Class A has many unique members this year, all presenting fun, and right-sized productions sure to bring the crowds to their feet!

Follow your favorite corps, and make plans to attend World Championships in Rochester, or purchase a livestream subscription to bring DCA right to your home!

Columbus Saints

The music you know, presented in a way you’ve never heard before. The show starts with the light, airy, and easily recognizable Canon in D and transforms into a trap backbeat kicks in. The second movement features Allegretto from Symphony No.7.

The audience is given just a taste of the classical piece, and it becomes a rhumba. The third movement features Bolero as a reggae and ska number. A drum feature kicks off a ska remix of this famous tune. The fourth movement features L’Arlesienne as a swing number. This is a natural synthesis in the vein of Ellington and Bernstein classics.

“Mixtape” | 2022 Production – Old World Meets New World

Movement 1: “Cannon in D” by Johann Pachelbel

Movement 2: “Allegretto” from Symphony No. 7 by Ludwig van Beethoven

Movement 3: “Bolero” by Maurice Ravel

Movement 4: “L’Arlesienne” by Georges Bizet

Fusion Core

Fusion Core’s 2022 production Royals is about the pursuit of power, and how chasing that status and achieving that power often amplifies our faults and leads to our demise. Is what we gain worth what we sacrificed?

Pride, Greed, Lust, and Wrath-The 4 fatal flaws of power.

Music Selections areRoyals by Lorde, Shape of your Heart by Sting, You Should See Me in a Crownby Billie Eilish, In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg, as well as original compositions by Key Poulan and Grant Butters.

We would also like to mention how proud we are of our new generation of administrators who all have marched or taught over the past 16 years. Nick Caljean, Jacobo Medina, David Sedlak, Arden Harper and Nick Carlson.

Fusion Core looks forward to once again entertaining audiences and providing exciting shows for our members to perform.


Walk through the parking lot at any drum corps show. It is impossible to ignore the smell of diesel exhaust and the sight of towering busses that dominate the asphalt. Bus travel – for all of its joys and headaches – is a fundamental part of the activity. 

For our 95th Anniversary season, the Govenaires are thrilled to return to the road once again. Our 2022 production, Back on the Bus, is inspired by the journeys taken by our iconic green busses through the years. 

The driving shuffle of “Julius” sets us on the road (until an unfortunate breakdown grinds the show to a literal halt). The anxious positivity of Mike + The Mechanics is intercut with a familiar Herb Alpert classic, as the corps waits for a miracle to get moving again. 

Will our performers make it to the gig? Find out this summer as the Govenaires perform some magic on the field. 


On the Road Again | Willie Nelson 

Julius | Phish 

All I Need is a Miracle | Mike + The Mechanics 

Spanish Flea | Herb Alpert 

Windy | The Association 

Magic Bus | The Who


Since 1945, The Skyliners have been entertaining audiences with innovative and energetic performances. For 2022, the Corps is proud to present their 75th Anniversary production, “Slaughter”.

Richard Rogers’ “Slaughter on 10th Ave” serves as the centerpiece for many iconic and familiar Skyliner musical selections.

The 2022 Show and Design Coordinator is Timmy Allen.

Brass arrangements are by John Meehan,
Rob Ferguson is the percussion designer, and Joel Whalen is the color guard designer and coordinator, assisted by Cody Fiske.

Tony Godoy is the Brass Coordinator and is joined by staff members Kyle Smith, Noah Crawford and Matt Mihalko.

Joe Mitchell is the Percussion and Sound Coordinator. Percussion staff includes Lexy Mitchell, Josh Ripley, Lucas Shafer, Joe Dennis, Dan Waldorf and David Fletcher.

The corps director is Jeff Crawford.

The Skyliners are dedicating their 2022 season to the memory of Mr. Gerard Robert (Bob) Holton, who’s legacy represents a lifetime of selfless service to the Corps and to the entire drum corps community.